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It’s nice to see you again!


How are you?

Feeling exhausted and stretched?

Handling so many people and projects, managing the daily ups and downs of a high stress job and a full life at home?

Busy and in control.

High-achieving and driven to get it all done.

The never-ending to-do list, and relentless stream of thoughts.

It’s a lot, especially in a leadership role managing and motivating teams while juggling mental and emotional needs.

It’s hard to be all things to all people, and it’s tiring at the end of the day and end of the week.

It’s time to make a change, for real.

To feel alive and more joyful.

To feel more ease and freedom.

It’s why I created my Mindset Reset Workshop, so you can feel less stress and more ease.

You can and will create real, lasting mindset shifts to have what you want in your life.

I share simple, easy-to-use Mindset Strategies and Tools, alongside Tips and Techniques for harnessing the power of your brain!

It’s powerful and I want you to take it, that’s why it’s FREE.

What do you want for you?

Let’s make it happen, together

By joining the tribe you will

  • Expand your knowledge of how the brain works, and cultivate your own mindset toolkit for having the life you desire
  • Be inspired, and feel confident that real change is possible
  • Connect with other powerful women just like you and know you’re not alone

Join me and other women who are boldly choosing to challenge their old, no-longer-working beliefs and live a better, more empowered and fulfilled life.

“I landed the dream job I’ve been manifesting, since I’ve been working with Melissa. She helped me get out of my head, and into my body. I’d been experiencing depression and anxiety, struggles with my career and love life. Through coaching, I gained more clarity, confidence, and a lightness. I tapped (back) into my inner resilience and creativity. I’m feeling calmer and more introspective, and my mindset has entirely shifted.”


“After taking Melissa’s Mindset Course, I have a new ability to pause and think about myself and my interactions differently. I can now identify thoughts and emotions more readily, and not fall into my old biases and behaviors. As basic as it may sound, I now feel that “I’m not alone” in my struggles. This course was very freeing, and not catastrophic like I thought it could be (old self). It was a special group of women who were non-judging, supportive, and brave. It was incredible to see all of us make such connections and progress at the same time together.”


“Melissa helped me identify the negative stories I was telling to myself, and I worked to replace those with different narratives. She held a mirror up in front of me that I wouldn’t have done myself. She coached me into my own success strategies, and prompted me to reflect on experiences that the old me would have run away from.  I now have the elusive ‘balance’ mindset that I’d been seeking, and the confidence to know that I’m still moving forward, even with life’s daily challenges.”


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Rewire your beliefs, to have what you want

Stop feeling trapped and stuck in your own thoughts.
Befriend your brain and harness its power for freedom.

Hi, I’m Melissa

After spending decades in a fast-paced, high-stress marketing analytics career, I decided to make a change to feel better and create a more balanced life. By using the tools I teach in my coaching and courses, I was able to drastically reduce the overwhelm, anxiety, and pressure, and dial up the ease, flow, and trust in myself.

I now conspire with women like you to co-create the exact change they want for themselves.