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I help high performing women live even better lives.

I’m Melissa, and I want to share my story with you.

I had everything on the outside that an ambitious woman is supposed to want: a successful 6-figure career leading teams in solving complex marketing challenges for Fortune 500 clients, an amazing fabric of family, friends, and community, frequent travel and adventures near and far, and more.

Inside, though, was a different story.

  • I was burnt out and unfulfilled. I wondered how the pursuit of “success” had left me feeling unsatisfied and uninspired.
  • I was exhausted from the pressure and relentless grind. I’d come home from a long day at the office, sink down, and pour myself a glass of wine to unwind.
  • I savored vacations and breaks, yet I’d find myself feeling trapped back in the same cycles after a short bit.
  • I didn’t want to feel so stretched and tense, out of balance, unenthusiastic on Monday mornings, and plain old exhausted by the week end.

I took a look at my life and realized, I don’t want this.

It doesn’t feel like I’m living into my full potential. There has to be something more.

I started investigating my mindset patterns, the ones keeping me inside the hamster wheel.

Beliefs that kept things feeling hard, endless, and unmotivating, ones that has me making sure everyone else was doing well, and others that urged me to keep ‘doing and achieving and getting things done’. These stories in my mind, the familiar narratives, turned out to the ones that were keeping me in a plateau.

The identity that had gotten me to my current level of success, was also keeping me from stepping into my full, ‘biggest dreams’ potential

Through my own inner work and transformation, I unearthed my WHY, and reclaimed my own experience of me.

I started living more passionately, on purpose, with more creativity, fun, and ease.
I created my future self in my present life.

I revised my beliefs and in doing so, transformed my identity into the ‘real’ me, not the hardwired patterns I’d taken as truth for so long.

I challenged what felt impossible, and made it possible.

I questioned the filters I had been viewing life through, and reframed my perspectives.

I befriended my brain’s patterns, and rewired new pathways to the joyful, lighter, and more easeful states.

In the process, I turned my spark up. The sparkle in me got brighter.

I give myself permission to take breaks often, to smile and laugh each and every day, to take days off when I don’t feel good and be okay with that.

I give myself permission to have a ‘not-picked up’ house and a ‘not-packed’ schedule, I relax and enjoy each day.

I now feel more authentically me, my truth and wisdom shine forth in my purpose-led existence.

What a different experience I am having

Same life, it looks and feels worlds apart.
  • Now, I teach and coach others into exactly what I learned to take the leap and have courage to be who you are. 
  • You don’t have to make any big change. Sometimes micro shifts make ALL the difference. 
  • Whatever you’re wanting for you, there is a way. I believe it’s 100% possible.

Having killer, game changing mindset tools at the ready for your everyday life WILL change how you show up for your life and WILL fuel your future self to her best life ever.

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